Friday, February 27, 2009

This is yet another 'guy' card that I have put together. One of the ladies whose blog I follow does beautiful, elaborate insides to her cards. So I am trying to do a little bit on the inside of my cards. Like I have said before, I love to use the Lovely as a Tree set. I also used another technique that I really like. On the image on the front of the card, I rounded two corners and left two square. I also used two colors of ribbon which I think was fun. :)

The inside and the front of one of my most recent cards. I dug out my Lovely as a Tree stamp set and have been going to town . I really like the trees for guy cards. I wasn't sure about the color combo, but Esther said that it wouldn't be too bad for a guy card if it only had a little bit of apricot. I hope I didn't over do it too much with the apricot on the inside, but I figured that something was needed to make it fancy and to make it easier to write on and to read what is written. :)
For the stampers this is made using Apricot Appeal, Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, Ruby Red, Bella Rose DP, two brads, the Print Pattern bkgd stamp and the watercolor wonder crayons. ( I really like those)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is a *very* special card. Meaning it took me a bit of thinking to figure out how to adhere all my layers with out the adhesive showing through the card. I made this card out of acetate (ie transparancy like teachers use for overhead projecters) I folded it in half and then stamped the white swirls and layered my other papers and my stamped images on it. I think it is a great card.

Some more papercraft projects I have done lately. The bag is made from one piece of 12x12 paper with some snazzy folds, a little adhesive, four punched holes, four eyelets and two pieces of ribbon. It is pretty easy to do. The hardest thing for me was to get the stripes running the right way.
The blue project is a little holder to put a package of candies in or maybe some sticky notes to give as a gift.
The last project is an altered notebook. I found this book at target in their dollar section. I added some patterned paper, a stamped butterfly, some hearts stamped on the front in white ink, and a binder clip that I had attached some patterned paper to also.

I decorated some cheap pens the other day. I bought a package of pens 12/ $1.00. I already had most of the flowers and the floral tape. So I went to town and decorated all twelve. I had lots of fun and now I have all these pretty pens that I need to give away....
This second picture is of one of my favs. I love those roses because of the variation in the shading. I know these are kind-of large pens, but that is part of the beauty of them, next to nobody will walk off with them because they are large and won't easily fit in a pocket or a purse. :)
Well it has been a few days since I have been able to post on my blog. :) Jonathan stayed home sick, yesterday (some sort of stomach bug) but I think it was just a 24 hour virus because he went to work today. (So glad.) I tried to explain to Josiah about viruses and how they can make people sick. How bad bacteria get into you and that the good bacteria inside you fight them off and that is why you are sick. This morning, when I had told him that Jonathan had gone to work he asked me if the "Good guys had gotten the bad guys off of Dada" lol. He is so sweet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

We went skating a few weeks ago. It was the first time Josiah or Abbi had ever been. It had been several years since I had gone and I don't know if Jonathan had ever been either.

Abbi was pretty unsteady. Matter of fact keeping her up on her skates gave me a pretty good work out. We had gone and bought her some mittens at Target from their clearance winter clothing. She loved them. The problem is that she insisted on wearing them even when she couldn't hold our hands properly because her hands kept slipping out of the mittens.

At first Josiah was a little unsure of how to go. He had to have at least one hand and sometimes two like Abbi.

But before we left, he was skating all by himself. I was really impressed with how he would skate along, fall, smile, and bounce right back up. He was so precious

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Since Uncle Dan and Aunt Joyce are following this blog, I decided to go ahead and post this picture now. I took it a few months ago and forgot that I had taken it. Jonathan had been working outside and I had been fixing supper when he came in grabbed his camera and told me to grab mine. When we got outside there was this beautiful sunset. The clouds were awesome. We got to take pictures for maybe 2 minutes before the sun moved enought to where the colors of the clouds changed.


Josiah is moving right along with his school work. We have him doing Kindergarten level math and language arts. The math he seems to be catching on to right away. We are stuggling a little with the language arts. Sometimes he seems not to remember the letters/ sounds we have already learned. We took some time off back in the fall and he is doing better now, but I just don't know how to get it across to him to where he will understand me all the time.


I don't know how many of my blog readers know what peeps even are, so for those of you who don't they are sugar-coated marshmallow candies. They have a slightly crunchy outside and a soft fluffy indside. Anyways, I like them strange as they sound. And Donna likes them, too. So this post is mainly for Donna. I found sugar-free peeps hearts at Wal-Greens last night. (They are made with Splenda.) I had to stop in to get some hydrogen peroxide for Jonathan (I had forgotten to get it when I was grocery shopping) and so I decided to peruse the valentine's clearance aisle. I saw some Dove candy that looked good and some hershey kisses, and even some of the regular peeps. Which drew my attention to the packaging that I hadn't seen before. And the more I looked at it the more intresting it sounded. So, three packages of three peeps hearts came home with me last night. ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ducky Fleece Blanket

This blanket is for a new baby. I haven't decided who will be the recipent of this quilt, but the duckies were SO cute, so I thought that I would buy the fleece to make the present. This is just a basic fleece knot quilt-- no sewing needed! I love that. :)

This an altered tin that I made prior to the one posted earlier in the blog. I haven't given it to anybody yet so it took me a little longer to get around to taking a picture of it. I used decorative paper, ribbon, ink and one stamp. I really had fun figuring out how to do the project. :)

Moving card! I saw a tutorial on the internet for this cute card. I changed some things from what the lady did because I didn't have all the right paper, but I think I made do with what I have.

Card for Ms. Bonnie

I made this card to give to the Bastrop children's librarian. She is really nice and does a GREAT job of story time and I just wanted to give her a card to let her know that I really appreciated her effort.

Origami Box

I found a wonderful tutorial on one of the blogs I am following on how to make these CUTE boxes. I am pretty excited about this little box I made for Josiah. I think he was pretty excited to be receiving something special on an ordinary day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I made this bag to go with a rag quilt I made for a friend's granddaughter quite a few months ago. I finally clipped it, bought some webbing to use for handles, sewed THEM on and washed the poor thing. I am glad to finally have that project out of the way. Now the only problem left is getting the cute little bag to its' rightful owner.

Stamping Projects 2-17-2009

Jonathan kept the kids this evening so I could have some (much needed) quiet time. It was wonderful (love you honey!). When Esther and Hannah got ready to take the kids from my house to Austin, Abbi was reluctant to leave.

"But I will miss you Momma!" she almost cried. "I will miss you at Grangran's house."

After I reassured her that she would be going with Dada on a haul she still wasn't consoled until I suggested that I make her something while she was gone. I had seen some tutorials on the internet on how to make the Tic-Tac covers and I thought they were cute. (Plus my kids LOVE tic-tacs -- the orange ones.) So I made the two little projects. Plus I found some 3 1/2" paper clips this evening at Walmart ($ 0.97) so I thought that I would make them some bookmarks too.

Josiah's Horse Throw Quilt

While Donna and I were doing all our shopping at Joann's (love that store) I was getting material for baby projects (for all my expectant friends) and she was getting fleece to make knot quilts. I was struck by the thought that Josiah might like a throw quilt that I had made just for him as much or maybe even more than some of the other things I was thinking about giving him for his birthday (which is coming up in March). So I bought some fleece with horses printed on it. I could not bring myself to purchase orange fleece for the backing (orange is his current favorite color) so I did the next best thing -- I got bright red.

New Skirt for Abbi!

Mom bought the jeans for this skirt before Abbi's birthday in Dec. along with two others. I got the others converted into skirts, but I had to put this one away so that I could clean up for the birthday party. I am just now getting it back out. Donna came down last weekend and we went to Joann's because they had a President's Day sale where all their red-tagged cloth was sold half-off the marked price. I got the material for the middle at that sale along with a TON of other material and patterns ($1 each!) so now I have to get cracking to do some of the fabulous projects that I bought stuff for.

Birthday Gift

Last week, Mom told me she was going to givea friend a gift card for her birthday. As life would have it, I had just bought some clearance gift card tins left over from the holiday season. So I told her that I would decorate one and also make her a card to go along with it. :) So here is the tin and the card.

New Blog!

I have just set up this new blog especially to post things about my crafts. I do lots of different crafts as those who know me can attest to. I sew a little. I do (VERY) simple quilts. I scrapbook. I stamp. I take pictures. So I am trying to bring some of those things together so that I can have someplace to record what I have done especially after I have given it to someone else. I also wanted a blog that someone doesn't have to be a member of a particular service in order to view my blog. So, here it new blog.