Monday, March 30, 2009

New post with pictures of new cards coming soon!

We had a VERY good day with school. Josiah did about 15 minutes twice on ABCs Lickety-Split, two pages in his English workbook and three pages in his math workbook. AWESOME! I hope to keep him doing a bunch of school work this week if I can except maybe Wed. We may take it completely off of school to go to Austin to shop for birthday party stuff. (ie: food, drinks, dessert NOT presents) Jonathan and I went to Home Depot (the "big boy toy store") last week after a date and bought him a tool box and a small assortment of (cheap, but real) tools for a birthday present. I think Josiah will really like it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

White on White 1

This is my first white on white card. I was a little dubious of my ability to make one. I hope you enjoy looking at this.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I LOVE wild flowers and the kids and I took some pictures in Mom and Dad's front yard the other day. I hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.


To all stampers: please check out the Card-a-thon on SCS.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kiddos In the Bluebonnets.

I wanted to title this Babies in the Bluebonnets, but well, my kids aren't really babies anymore.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple Cards

I took some quick pix of these cards in the back of Hannah's Tahoe so I could remember what I had given to Aunt Lisa. :D

Post-It Note Holder for Talitha

I made this for Talitha because I thought she would like it. The direction is different from the one I made for Hannah and the background is not changeable b/c I had to tie the ribbon around the acrylic frame in order to make it stay together properly. I used pink paper and a dark brown rub-on.

Post-It Note Holder for HJ

I created this post-it note holder for Hannah (after she asked me) she requested pink or black and this is what I came up with. One side is pink with a stamped flouish and one side is black with a white rubon. I liked the way especially the black one turned out. :D

Bird Cards

More cards. I used my new sizzix Big Shot (an awesome scrapbooking/ card making tool for those of you who have no clue what it is) to emboss the background on the "Thinking of You" card and to cut the cute scalloped background on the blue, cream and pink card. :)

Abbi's cards

Yesterday I bought a die cut that will cut out flowers. I had foam sheets that I had bought at the Dollar Tree, so today we cut out flowers and Abbi used them to make cards. I helped with cutting the paper for the front and adhering it to the card. I also put sticky on the back, but Abbi INSISTED on placing to flowers herself.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My 'pretty'.

Esther and I went hiking with the kids on Thursday. We went to McKinney Falls State Park and hiked the Rock Shelter/ Nature Trail. We finished the first time in about 20 minutes so we decided to go again to get a good work out in. :) The second time through, I was in the front and we were travelling faster. Suddenly about 1/2 way through I stepped on something, lost my balance and fell. My leg smarted, but it wasn't until we were almost at the end of the trail that I looked at my leg. I had scraped a part of my leg about the size of my hand raw. It was very painful, so not to scare the kids and to reduce the importance I started refering to it as 'my pretty'. No picture of this. Probably a good thing.

More Cards II

These are the cards I made using a card kit I put together.

More Cards!

One of these was made for a SCS swap, one went to Aunt Lisa, and one went for SCS cards for a cause .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Josiah's 6th birthday

Rebecca bought Josiah some legos. One kit made a rocket, a jet, and a boat. Seth helped Josiah put it together. Josiah has loved this jet and probably hasn't been with out it when he is awake. (big grin)

Tiled Bathroom!

So excited about this! For two and a half years, we have had bare plywood in the bathrooms (except for the dressing area in the master bathroom) I love the look of this tile and I am SO excited that two of our three bathrooms are this much closer to being finished. My grateful thanks goes out of GFCS and Herman Waters, GFCS for the awesome tile and Herman for his time and tools in explaining and showing Jonathan exactly how it was done.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No pictures with todays blog. I just want to post a quick update on our home improvement projects. Jonathan just managed to put the toilets back in two of the bathrooms. Yes, we had them up for the last week in order to put tile down and grout it. Jonathan and Herman Waters did it. I didn't realize until this month that Herman did tile work for a living. Anyways the tile looks GREAT. I am so happy about that!

On another great note: I have lost a little over 15 pounds since the beginning of the year. So that is REALLY exciting. I plan to post a picture of myself sometime later (perhaps after 25 pounds lost).

Goodnight all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I have recently become involoved with Splitcoast Stampers. (Well more than I have ever been in the 3 years I have been a member/ known about it.) Some of these cards you are seeing are products of my work on swaps or random-acts-of-kindness cards that I send out to various people who then mail them on to someone else. (ie: people who have recently lost a baby, cancer patients, nursing home patients....the list can go on and on.)

Josiah and Abbi with Lady. They had been running around and Lady had been chasing the kids as well as racing back and forth between them and me. She is such a good dog to have. She tolerates so much from those kids. It is also awesome to have her because we can teach Josiah some sense of responsibility because he is in charge of feeding her. It almost looks sometimes when the kids are in the dog pen with her that she is watching over them and grinning...

New card. Yes, I can hear those of you who are not card makers out there groan. Sorry. I just want somewhere to post my pix so that I can look at them quickly and easily.

Josiah and his lady.

Josiah and Lady. It has been a while since Josiah has been allowed to play with Lady outside of her pen. Then other day, however, I finally let him take her out. She loved being out. Even though her pen is relatively large, there is still something about being outside of it. Josiah loves Lady a whole lot and I think she loves him, too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ps. 1:1

I have been teaching the children psalms 1:1 - Blessed is the man that walketh not in the council of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

Josiah knows it all pretty well and he was telling it to Jonathan the other night on the way home from Austin. All of a sudden he changed it:

"Blessed is the naughty man for he shall get away from the law." lol

I had to swallow laughter and Jonathan had to explain that it is not good for naughty people to get away from the law.

Little kids, gotta love them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Play Doh Time!

Josiah and Abbi managed to save enough money along with the coupon I gave them to buy this set of play doh and tools (I think the tools were the part that they liked the most.) So I let them play with it. They had lots of fun and then they put it away for me (most of it) so I finished putting it away. (I hid it a little so they aren't asking to play with it every day.) BTW abbi saw the pictures as I was typing this post and she started asking "Momma, where is the play-doh stuff? I wantto play with play-doh!" LOL.

So this is another guy card. This time I used a hunter green for the base. I also colored the trees so it looked kind-of like fall. I like it.

These are some projects I picked up after Valentine's day at Joann's for 70% off. Josiah did three. I did three. Abbi did six. She loved it. These were so easy it was just peel and stick. The kids had a great time.

Invitations for Josiah's 6th Birthday Party!

We (Josiah and I) are pretty excited about these cards. Josiah was not convinced at first that they would be very nice looking, but I think I managed to convince him that they would be ok. Then when I made them he got very excited. There are two colors because there are two birthday parties. We have one in Waco for Jonathan's family and our close friends up there and then we have one at our house. I really didn't like the idea much when I was a kid and some of my cousins would have two parties one for us and one for the other family. I almost felt like my cousins would feel the other party was more fun than the one I had gone to. So, because of that I didn't want to have two parties for my kids. Now, however, we live further away than we did when the kids were born and some of the family can't travel this far, so we do it. I am going to have to re-write the party info for the Austin party becuase I have been forced to reschedule it. A meeting came up unexpectedly on the weekend I had his party scheduled for. Josiah is a little sad about that, but I think that actually it will stretch out the fun of birthday longer.
Another masculine card. I am trying to stock up on cards as I think you can see. The scalloped medallion on the inside (see below) is just the perfect size to hold a stamped sentiment that I have punched out with a 1 1/4" circle punch. All I need to do now is choose the appropriate phrase and adhere it to the middle of the circle. Easy b/c most of the work has already been done.

This is two cards I made that have the same layout, they are just color opposites of each other. I really like the colors together and the hearts!

Ok. This card is really cute in real life, but the lighting and the colors just didn't want to cooperate very well, but I decided to post it anyway.