Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Invitations for Josiah's 6th Birthday Party!

We (Josiah and I) are pretty excited about these cards. Josiah was not convinced at first that they would be very nice looking, but I think I managed to convince him that they would be ok. Then when I made them he got very excited. There are two colors because there are two birthday parties. We have one in Waco for Jonathan's family and our close friends up there and then we have one at our house. I really didn't like the idea much when I was a kid and some of my cousins would have two parties one for us and one for the other family. I almost felt like my cousins would feel the other party was more fun than the one I had gone to. So, because of that I didn't want to have two parties for my kids. Now, however, we live further away than we did when the kids were born and some of the family can't travel this far, so we do it. I am going to have to re-write the party info for the Austin party becuase I have been forced to reschedule it. A meeting came up unexpectedly on the weekend I had his party scheduled for. Josiah is a little sad about that, but I think that actually it will stretch out the fun of birthday longer.

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